Platelets stop you from bleeding.
Our bioreactor makes platelets.

“There are two quantitative roadblocks to the development of ex vivo-generated, donor-independent platelet for therapeutic use: first, generating sufficient numbers of megakaryocytes from a reasonable number of starting cells, and second, generating sufficient numbers of viable and functional platelets per megakaryocyte.”

- Lambert et al. Blood. 121:3319-3324. 2013

Platelets are the ‘bandaids’ of the bloodstream.
They are the cells in your blood that stop you from bleeding.

Over 2 million Americans receive life-saving platelet transfusions annually for cancer treatment, transplants, and surgery.

Platelets store for only 5 days due to bacterial contamination of product during collection from human donors.


Demand: Their 5-day shelf life results in a high risk of platelet unit depletion. By 2019 unmet demand for platelets will exceed supply by 533K platelet units. Collection challenges eliminate 24% of this product.

This shortfall is exacerbated during emergencies when platelet need is greatest. Blood centers typically don’t have more than a 1.5 day platelet inventory.

Safety: The risk of viral/bacterial contamination and immune reaction following platelet transfusions is high. We can’t screen for viruses we don’t know exist, which means there will be another HIV or Hepatitis C-like crisis in our lifetime.


Scalable, pluripotent stem cell-derived (donor-independent) human platelets.


We mimic human bone marrow to trigger platelet production from megakaryocytes (parent cells).

We scale platelet production to meet human clinical need.

We improve platelet purity to generate bacterial/viral-free, immune-compatible human platelets that are safer for human infusion.

We distribute bioreactor platelets to hospitals and blood banks to give to patients.


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