January 8, 2018

Cell Culture Process Engineer (MS/PhD level)

We are looking for a driven independent thinker with a monster work ethic that shares our long‐term vision for a donor‐independent blood system. Initiative and creative problem solving are priorities since you’ll be partnering with us to fundamentally disrupt a firmly established industry. We seek a highly motivated, versatile process development scientist or engineer (Ph.D. or M.S. with equivalent relevant industry experience) to help develop a scalable culture process for our human iPSC to megakaryocyte differentiation cultures.
December 4, 2017

Stem Cell-Characterization Joint Research Associate

We are seeking a Research Associate to join our exciting, fast growing company as part of the the Stem Cell and Characterization teams. The successful candidate will work directly with each team to support, develop, and improve our stem cell differentiation and characterization processes.
December 4, 2017

Bioreactor-Characterization Joint Research Associate

Platelet Biogenesis is seeking a self-motivated Research Associate to join the Characterization and Bioreactor teams. This person will work directly with the two teams to advance the millifluidic bioreactor and characterize the product. The candidate will plan and execute experiments utilizing human and mouse cells to optimize the production of platelets.
August 4, 2017

Cosmetics Intern

We are currently seeking a Cosmetics Intern to help us assess the applicability of our technology to the cosmetics space. Through our process we produce a lysate that is rich in growth factors and has been shown to have anti-aging applications. This position will be tasked with exploring the various uses in the cosmetics industry for our platelet technology.